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Quality Control - Canada's Leading Exporter of Hay & Forage

At Barr-Ag, we keep a close watch on every aspect of our production, from growing conditions and harvest through to storage, processing and shipping. We guarantee mold-free hay with less than 12% moisture. We perform our own quality control for moisture, mold, weeds and foreign material. Our industry is governed by CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and Phytosanitary Certificates are issued. Barr-Ag is only as successful as our customer satisfaction; our customers have helped make us Canada’s leading exporter of hay and forage.

Barr-Ag is a family-owned, farm-to-farm operation. Unlike many other hay exporters, we grow 80% of what we sell; this gives us a lot of control over the quality of our operation. The other 20% of our production is supplemented through spot buying and supplied by a local network of growers that adhere to our high standards and growing protocols.

Strategically positioned near the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, we are fortunate to have clean air, long warm days with cool nights, rich soil and a pristine environment in which to grow our hay and forage. Unlike crops grown in countries with longer growing seasons and milder climates, our harsh Canadian winters help us to raise our hay crops using more natural methods.  There is little to no need for pesticides and herbicides because prolonged cold weather acts as a natural pesticide and herbicide.  Because of the shorter growing season, our land isn’t forced to produce by the use of artificial fertilizers. Where operations in warmer climates may coax 6 or 7 cuttings out of a given area in a season by using artificial fertilizers, we only get 1 or 2 cuttings in a season thereby giving the land ample time to rest and rejuvenate.

Quality Control

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