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Mixed Hay & Straw Sales

While Barr-Ag grows some irrigated mixed hay, most of our mixed hay crop is grown on dryland. It is a versatile crop which combines non-GMO alfalfa, Timothy, orchard hay, brome hay and fescue.

Mixed Hay

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Oaten Hay

Our oaten hay is an annual crop which is produced from non-GMO Canadian oats. Harvested in the early dough stage, this oaten hay is weed free, has high sugar content and is baled dry and stored with a rich green hue. Growing conditions near the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains are very conducive to a high quality crop. Barr-Ag produces limited quantities of oaten hay based on demand.

Oaten Hay

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Sweet Hay

Unlike the rest of Barr-Ag’s hay which is baled with 12% moisture content, sweet hay is baled at 20% or less moisture content. Sweet hay is chopped, wrapped and ready for TMR (total mixed ration feeding). With a hint of fermentation, a rich green hue and enticing aroma, sweet hay is known for its high palatability. Timothy, alfalfa, oaten hay, and mixed hay are all available in the sweet hay format.

Compressed Sweet Hay bale being wrapped for shipment.

Compressed Sweet Hay bale being wrapped for shipment.

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Baled immediately following the harvest of grains and seeds, our 3’X4’ bales of straw are hauled immediately into storage to await processing. Straw can be processed into the same formats as our hays according to the customer’s needs. Oat, Barley, Timothy and wheat straw are all available and serve as excellent dry bedding material or as feed for use on feed lots.


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