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Are you a Canadian Farmer looking to sell your crops? Barr-Ag buys Oats, Barley, Wheat, Flax, Canola and Pulse Crops as well as Alfalfa and Timothy Hay and mixed. Barr-Ag specializes in containerizing, loading & shipping Canadian Grains and Hays and is a major wholesale purchaser of Canadian Farm Crops.

Barr-Ag is a Canadian Grain and Hay Producer and Exporter with years of International experience.

Barr-Ag offers Canadian Farmers an excellent resource to sell their Canadian Grain Crops locally. Our many years of experience in producing and selling Canadian Alfalfa, Timothy and other hays internationally has allowed us to develop a substantial International database of reliable purchasers of quality Canadian Grains and Canadian Oil Seeds such as Canola and Flax as well as Timothy and Alfalfa forages.

If you have a crop coming in and are looking for a market to sell your crop - Call Barr-Ag today to get a market price on your crop.

Grain Buyers

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Contact us at Barr-Ag if you would like more information about selling your grain or oil seed crops or if you are looking for a dependable source of quality, non-GMO hay, grain and forage.



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