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Strategically positioned near the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, we are fortunate to have clean air, long warm days with cool nights, rich soil and a pristine environment in which to grow our hay and forage. Among our most sought after products are Timothy hay, alfalfa hay, mixed hay, as well as various straws and our Canadian Grain Exports. Unlike crops grown in countries with longer growing seasons and milder climates, our harsh Canadian winters help us to raise our hay crops using more natural methods. There is little to no need for pesticides and herbicides because prolonged cold weather acts as a natural pesticide and herbicide.

Because of the shorter growing season we get 1 or 2 cuttings in a season thereby giving the land ample time to rest and rejuvenate without excessive use of fertilizers. The availability of high quality hay, forage and grain, as well as Barr-Ag’s crop production methods are two reasons our customers have sought us out and helped make us Canada’s leading exporter of hay and forage.

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Canadian Grains - Oil Seeds - Pulse Crops - Buyers & Exporters

Along with our wide range of Canadian Forage Products, Barr-Ag also from our farms produces, buys (locally from Canadian Farms) and Exports Internationally a variety of Canadian Grains, Oil Seeds and Pulse Crops. Canadian Wheat, Barley, Flax, Canola and Peas (amongst others) are all crops we actively seek for purchase from Canadian Farmers for export Internationally.

Whether you are looking to sell your crop or looking to import quality Canadian Farm Crops - Barr-Ag is your source with years of International Export experience.


Contact us at Barr-Ag if you are looking for a dependable source of quality, non-GMO hay, grain, pulse crops, oil seeds and forage or to obtain further information about our Grain Buyers Plan.