Corn Silage

Dehydrated Corn Silage

Barr-Ag L+D is now producing dehydrated corn silage. Having reviewed current baled corn silage offerings in the word. Barr-Ag L+D felt compelled to produce its own corn, ensile and dehydrate our own line of silage.

Known for many years by nutritionists that corn produced at high latitude and high elevation (Barr-Ag's corn N of 51st latitude and over 1000 m above sea level) produces the most digestible corn silage available in the world.

With NDFD 30 hr levels above 60% and guaranteed over 30% starch, Barr Ag's dehydrated corn silage is available in small 30-35 kg and large 425 kg big bales. It's priced competitively and available now.

Contact Barr-Ag for further information regarding grades currently available or to schedule a visit.



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