Canadian Grain and Pulse Crop Exporters

Looking to Import Grains or Oils Seeds From Canada?

Canadian Grain & Pulse Crop Exporters

Barr-AG is an exporter of Canadian Grains to countries around the globe. Canadian quality Oats, Barley, Wheat and oil seed such as flax and canola are all either produced on a Barr-AG farm or purchased and stored (from Canadian Farmers) and then exported Internationally.

Oats, barley and wheat, as well as flax, canola and peas come from our farms and/or our local network of Canadian Farm Producers who follow our growing protocols and adhere to our quality control standards. All of our grains, oil seeds and pulse crops are non-GMO. We specialize in containerizing and loading these products in 20 or 40 foot containers for international shipping and take care of the necessary customs documents.




Contact Barr-Ag to check the availability of barley, oats, wheat, flax, canola, peas and other grains.