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Barr-Ag is a farm-to-farm based business. We are fortunate to work with a network of producers and grow our crops near the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The region’s higher altitudes, the long warm days and cool nights, the rich soil, clean air and pristine setting make ideal growing conditions for hay and forage. Unlike many hay exporters, we grow 60% of what we sell. The other 40% is supplemented through spot buying and supplied by farm families that have long-standing relationships with Barr-Ag. 60% of what we sell is grown on approximately 10,000 acres of dry land and 4000 acres of irrigated land. Spreading 60% of our crop between 7 different farms has enabled us to have tight control over production. It has also helped us to withstand market fluctuations, survive weather variables and ensure supply and operational stability.

Barr-Ag Farms

Please contact us at Barr-Ag if you have any questions about our farms in Arrowwood, Delia, Olds, Oyen, Standard, Strathmore and Sunnynook, Alberta, Canada.